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Brand “Grite Professional” conquers business ventures with quality and exclusivity


Corporation “Grigiskes” is oriented into the business segment which owns brand name “Grite Professional”.  “Grite Professional” brand name provides the highest quality of tissue paper. The company offers its customer original design, high quality and reliable service. “Grite Professional” exclusively focuses on quality.
“Grigiskes” is the first Lithuanian company which has managed ECOLABEL certificate. This certificate indicates that all products produced by “Grigiskes” satisfy the highest environmental standards. Since 1823 we developed paper manufacturing, innovation and invested in advanced equipment that caused Vilnius-based Company’s Renaissance. Corporation “Grigiskes” is a manufacturer with a complete tissue production cycle. “This means that we collect waste-paper on our own, produce paper and convert it into final packaged products, which are shipped to the stores shelves." - said the company's CEO RobertasKrutikovas. “Grigiskes” differs fromother Lithuanian companies that operate in this sector.  We have a wide set of the top-level know-how technologies and can compete with any world-class paper concern. The Company has become an European quality label for modern FABIO PERINI, PCMCIA, and WALI conversion line. All production and business processes are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001 and Good Manufacturing Practice standards.
Installation expanded capabilities
A new pulse “Grigiskes” production was given by the Italian manufacturer known as “TOSCOTEC” paper machine MP6 for the highest quality of cellulosic paper production in March, 2015. This is high-level installation and it is the onlyone in the Baltic region. "During the day, the installation can produce 110 tons of tissue, which means that production reached 1800 m/min speed. The company currently has two paper machines with a total capacity of 45 thousand valued tons per year. The investment in a new paper machine was over 63 million."- CEO R. Krutnikovas revealed technical and financial subtleties. The new paper machine produces exclusively cellulose paper, which can be used for toilet paper, paper towels, the purified paper wipes and napkins."Global market for cellulose paper is growing rapidly. This is the highest quality paper, characterized by exceptional softness and strength of exceptionally low dust levels, "- said R. Krutikovas. This machine can also produce colored cellulose base paper, which is particularly relevant in the food industry (because of its need of blue paper).
"GriteProfessional" reliable solution for business
New technologies and investments in new equipment enable the company to satisfy the needs of all the users. For almost two decades of existence the business segments of the brand name “GriteProfessional” stands out in a particular and a wide range of various grades of paper products and brackets range. "Grite Professional” offers various paper solutions for a wide variety of segments: HoReCa, offices and public administration, health care institutions and industrial companies. "Our uniqueness is that we can design and produce products such as paper, requested by clients and these products will be aimed specifically at customers' needs," - noted R.Krutikovas.
Currently “GriteProfessional” consists of 8 products lines: toilet paper, rolls of paper towels, folded paper towels, cleansing paper, sanitary cloth, paper napkins, liquid soap and soap-foam, paper product dispensers and soap dispensers.
Three quality categories - for all clients’ needs
In order to satisfy all users’ needs the company produces toile  paper identified three quality categories: super (made from 100% cellulose), standards (made of sorted recycled fiber without the use of bleach) and economy (economical and eco-friendly, natural color products made from recycled fibers ). This allows the customer to choose the desired products in very different areas of activity, whether it be high-class bathroom or simple, which is visited by a large flow of people. Super quality category “GriteProfessional"roller cellulose towels is ex clusively high quality in cleaning and absorbing  moisture or liquids, making it suitable for soiled surfaces and leaves no fibers. In the above-mentioned categories of quality towels can contact with food, and they are suitable for various manufacturers’ holders. Under the same features customers are happy and with “Grite Professional” cleansing cellulosic paper, which can be produced in 1, 2 or 3 layers. W bended-type fold paper towels have the most highly convenient for hands to wipe. While the V fold towels are extremely easy openingandhave great dimensions,which means that only one shred is enough for dry hands or clean surfaces.
1. Corporation “Grigiskes” has a complete tissue production cycle. It is the firstcompany in Lithuania who receivedEcolabel certificate. The Company has modern Fabio Perini, PCMCIA, WALI conversion line, the brand new paper machine TOSTOTEC MP6 for the highest quality of cellulosic-based production.
2.For almost two decades of existence the business segments of the brand name “GriteProfessional” stands out especially broad-spectrum (has 8 product lines) and the various grades of paper products and brackets range. The proposed paper solutions for various segments: HoReCa, offices and public administration, health care institutions and industrial companies.

Corporation „Grigiškės“
Vilniausst. 10, Grigiškės
Vilniaus m. sav.
+370 5 243 5801

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