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Exclusive Projects Require Exclusive Decisions


 Situated on the river bank of Neris in the center of Vilnius the new business center “Green Hall2”construction is almost finished.  It is the second stage of this “green philosophy” project. This unique building idea has been realized by using extraordinary construction decisions.
This as well as the first “Green Hall” building has been designed by the Danish company “Arrow”, which won the international contest. The Lithuanian Company UAB “Archinova” assisted during the design works. The primary requirement for the design of this building was no compromise regarding the architecture, technologies and granted services. Equal attention was paid to ecology and economy. The “Green Hall” and The “Green Hall 2” are one of the most energy saving buildings built during the recent years. The structural design work was done by Kaunas Company UAB “Ribinis krūvis”. As it was said before, there were no compromises, that could change the primary architectural idea, and this determined a challenging work with building structures. The form of the building and construction principles required exclusive decisions like tautened armored (reinforced) monolithic building overlays. UAB “Delta Nova” was trusted by the General Contractor UAB “Veikmes statyba” to carry out the reinforcement works. Delta Nova cooperates with the German Company “DYWIDAG Systems International” which is the pioneer in this technology. About 47 tons of high strength cables were used/over 1300 single, triple and four tautened strand cables, covered with PE shell, were mounted. Most of the works were carried out during the unfavorable season for such works – winter, yet it did not prevent to finish the overlay concreting during the ambitiously set terms.  UAB “Delta Nova” offers its clients various construction materials, products and technologies used in construction of transport buildings, industrial and civil buildings. Companies specialists especially focus on new unusual decisions that can meet today’s construction requirements. The company’s specialists consult architectural designers and construction contractors, and perform specialized construction works. The company also works with reinforcing the constructions with carbon fiber textiles and laminate, journal bearings for constructions and deformation seam systems, decisions for vibration and noise problems, various supplementary details for concrete constructions, geotechnical products such as ground anchors, stringers, micro-pols and others.

UAB „Delta Nova“
Užupio g. 30, Vilnius
Tel. +370 5 272 53 08
Faks. +370 5 272 10 62
Mob. +370 615 13669

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Updated: 2022 08 04 
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