Many companies in their activities face the problem of handling secondary materials: how to handle the waste economically by themselves? The most simple and economically friendly way of doing that is to buy a press for handling secondary materials.
1. After considering all the criteria (quantity and type of materials, size of the premises, field of industry, time planned for working with the press), the emploees of a successfull secondary material management company „BALLERS LT’’ will help you to choose the most suitable press.
2. Depending on the quantity and type of secondary materials you can choose from 5 different series of presses.
3. „BALLERS LT’’ is an official distributor of „Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen GmbH & Co. KG’’ and „CK International Ltd’’ in the Baltic states that collaborates with „Avermann Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen GmbH & Co“ and have already implemented secondary material handling equipment in companies from different fields of industry in Lithuania.

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