A decade ago, the world was attacked by bird flu and demand would be more victimed if the airport was not equipped with an infrared camera and stopped the spread of infection. Nowadays these different body surface temperature of a distance measuring devices used for the storage areas in the food industry, testing of electronic products, computer servers, monitoring different devices temperature fluctuations and many other areas.
This new generation of temperature sensor in the world market was only last autumn, and the price and a wide range of applications already received huge designers, equipment suppliers, manufacturers, interest.
"The use of this equipment is not complicated, it is sufficient for our advice on how to properly perform radiometric measurements. Together we help you choose the most appropriate software, configure it shall be borne by working with systems in place", - says the JSC “Elinta” measurement systems director Vytautas Narbutas.

UAB „Elintos matavimo sistemos“
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El. paštas: info@elintosms.lt

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