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Lithuania starts to operate a new air division block


Concern “Achema Group”, owned by a fertilizer manufacturer “Achema”, will finish a new air division block construction this fall. The new unit will be significantly expanded by “Achema” branch “Gaschema” range of products and services will be produced and marketed liquid technical gases and medical oxygen.
The growing range of products and services
 “Achema” branch “Gaschema”was founded in 2004. The main goal is the development of technical, protective welding, flammable, food and specialty gases business in Lithuania and the Baltic region.  However, during this period, expectations, goals and ambitions have increased significantly. During the eleven years of operation, more than 15-fold increase in affiliate activity has always been focused on innovation and new product development. The new air division block is not anexception. Air decomposition unit will be manufactured in liquid nitrogen, argon and oxygen and their mixtures, which are used in oil refining, metal processing and food industry, electronics, insulating glass and light bulb production and many other areas, including the extremely high requirements for causing the medical sector. Air decomposition unit produced gaseous nitrogen will be used for fertilizer production technological processes. "The liquid gas production project will help the company to reduce energy costs in 30%. Air decomposition unit installed the latest equipment and installed modern air division technology, so the output of the lower energy consumption, "- said “Gaschema” technical gas sale’s leader RaimundasKolesnikas.
Until now the products were imported
According to the specialist, the company has used more than 60 years of operating the old air equipment division so far. It has been really worn out, so it was decided to modernize and optimize processes. The entire gas surplus, which will be used in the primary production of “Gaschema”will be also provided to its customers."All the products we need: nitrogen, argon and oxygen, we had imported from other countries, until now. The new airport is being built in line with the division block Lithuanian customers’ needs and additional production can be exported to neighboring countries” - said R.Kolesnikas. - “Now, all processes will take place much more smoothly and quickly: Customers will be able to ensure the faster delivery, the technical gas stations will be built, also liquid gas will be supplied on a regular basis not only in Lithuania, but also abroad by our own transport.”
Particular attention to the safety
“Gaschema” leaders note that the work with technical gases requires exceptional security and attention demanding activity. It is important to understand the importance of specialists to share company information and experience with existing and potential customers. “Gaschema” not only advice, but can also perform a detailed technical gas companies use audits."The main condition for the safe handling of gas is properties of their professional and technical knowledge of the data. It is also necessary to constantly maintain used gas equipment and systems, to train peoplefor effective work with gas and exquisite attention to all aspects of security ", - convinced the customer consultations responsible “Gaschema” employee. According to the specialist, currently “Gaschema” advises MIG/MAG and TIG welding issues and can help regulate the welding process modes and choose the most suitable shielding gas welding processes. Companies and employees will respond to all metal cutting gas related issues, will present the flame influence and other factors which determine the quality of metal cutting.
1.”Gachema’s” main objective is  to develop technical, protective welding, flammable, food, liquid and specialty gases business in Lithuania and the Baltic region.
2. The new air decomposition unit is to produce liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen and mixtures thereof to be used not only in various industries, but also in medicine.
3. “Gaschema” has developed a wide range of own and partner outlets network in Lithuania, which enables customers to deliver orders within 24 hours.
4. “Gaschema” not only advice, but also canaccomplish a detailed technical gas plant used for audits, training the employees safety at work with technical gas.

Raimundas Kolesnikas
Corporation “Achema“ branch “Gaschema“
Sales manager
Jonalaukio k., Ruklossen.,Jonavos r.
Tel.: +370 349 56845
Faks.: +370 349 56276


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Updated: 2022 08 04 
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