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Lithuanian Machinery in German Automobile Industrial Lines


JSC “KaunoStakles” has over 70 years of experience in metal machining and manufacturing of metal machine tools. A lot of well-known European producers as well as Lithuanian companies are our customers and business partners. JSC “KaunoStakles” can offer its clients a wide variety of metal machining procedures from large dimension parts to small, precise parts and assembling units.
JSC “KaunoStakles” hasover 70 years of experience in metal cutting machine tools and parts production. JSC “KaunoStakles” was founded in 1945. The company was set up as a workshop-based, but the profile of its activities expanded and evolved.  The factory team was awardedby Brno International Fair gold medal in 1979 for their 4D722AF1 model EDM with digital indication. Today JSC “KaunoStakles”has accumulated rich metalworking technologies and machine tool manufacturing experience. The company provides services to many Lithuanian companies as well as famous foreign producers. Over 90% of its production is being exported to Germany. “KaunoStakles” can offer its customers a wide variety of sizes of metal, plastic, stone and even ceramic manufacturing facility.
JSC “KaunoStakles” produces machine tools for small machine parts production. Machine tools control issimilar to large production machines control. Machine tools are used in the management of the machine tool operator training. A large part of the company’s production is details of automotive industry. JSC “KaunoStakles” machine tools products are used in cars, such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen production. JSC “KaunoStakles” produces various production lines components (stands) according to customers' drawings. Furthermore JSC “KaunoStakles”carriesout all manufacturing operations: cutting parts, welding, surface treatment, galvanizing, painting, assembly and technical measurements. The company has outstanding technological capabilities bulky parts production and processing and particularly precise machining. The most popular products are special purpose products. For example, hunting rifles locks production. Also the company has special license to manufacture weapons. This license is the second in Lithuania. Every quarter we get a strict audit that assesses company's work and compliance. JSC “KaunoStakles”specializes in low and small serials production. Existing clients are not only well-known large companies,also individuals and companies, who need parts unit. We produce parts of timber manufacturing; provide services of equipment repair and replacement parts for Lithuanian companies. “KaunoStakles” customers are the manufacturers of a wide variety of fields and technology-intensive businesses. “We work with beer producers and manufacturers,gas stations inspectorate company and also our partners are ships building companies. We are manufacturing spare parts for agricultural machinery, equipment, garages and even bakeries. Our customers are not only well-known large Lithuanian companies, but also small companies, farmers and individuals. Company technological possibilities and long-term experience allows finding the right solution for a variety of areas of the equipment. "
Measurement devices
The company owns measuring devices which ensure excellent accuracy. Measuring machines Zeiss, Stiefelmayer can be particularly accurate while measuring all large-sized and small parts geometry. The production of complex products(consisting of a number of devices), such as parts of the conveyer line parts, are used three-dimensional measurement device named FARO ARM. This device is attached to a certain point details and measuresif all product points of the three-dimensional position coordinate system. In other words, whether the product components arranged in exactly the same way as provided in other parts. This technology is particularly useful for measuring the production with moving details. In this case the details of the position and trajectory arenecessary to provide extreme accuracy.
Cutting devices
We provide the cutting services that attract customers from all over Lithuania. JSC “KaunoStakles” has not only metal machine tools options, but also some cutting options which arewater cutting and gas cutting. This kind of cutting is used for a wide variety materials and products to cut and process. Programmatically controlled machine tools have an ability to cut to 200mm of metal or other materials. Gas cutting method allows processing black and white metals, but this is a hot cutting method and its specificity is not suitable for all details and materials. Water cutting is much more accurate than gas cutting method. Water cutting method allows processingnon-ferrous metals, stone, rubber, plastics, and ceramics. Pressurized water jet cutting allows cutting up to 200 mm thickness of metal and other materials. The cut is very accurate and does not have side-effects. JSC “KaunoStakles” water jet slaughterhouse is one of the largest in Lithuania. It can fit up to 8 m long and 3.5 m wide products. Large-sized cargos from all over Lithuania are often transported into JSC “KaunoStakles” slaughter and painting workshop.
JSC “KaunoStakles” offers a very wide range of metal manufacturing facilities: ranging from large-sized products processing and manufacturing to small precision parts where precision is required. The company offers gas cutting, water cutting, mechanical tools routing, turning, grinding, threading, shot blasting and painting works. Also we produce unit components, structures and machinery according to customer drawings or sample productions.
Some of the available machines and equipment and their parameters:
1. The gantry CNC machining center BURKHARDT- WEBER. HYOP 750 NC WP; stroke: X - 7500mm, Y - 4250mm, Z - 1450mm
2. The four-axis gantry machining center HYOP 400 BURKHARDT- WEBER; stroke: X - 6000mm, Y - 4300mm, 1400mm Z
3. Five-axis DeckelMaho machining center DMU 125 P; stroke: X - 1250mm, Y - 880mm, Z - 810mm
4. CNC gantry cutting machine CNC gas Burns 10 LCD; stroke: X - 4600mm, Y - 2700mm
5. ZINSER CNC 2215 CNC 500; stroke: X - 2800mm, y - widths of 7000
6. Universal milling and boring CNC machines SHW - UFG; stroke: X - 5000mm, Y - 1800mm, Z - 1115mm
7. Cutting water machine WJ 4080 B - 2Z - D / CNC 859; stroke: X - 3700mm, Y - 8000 mm
8. The portable 3D measuring machine FARO FARO ARM Platinum and ARM PRIME: work area: Ø 3,7m accuracy: ± 0.08 mm
9. Measuring machine Stiefel Mayer; stroke: measuring length - 6000 mm, width - 3000 mm, height - 2000 mm.

JSC „KaunoStaklės”
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Savanorių pr. 192, Kaunas
+370 37 332267


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