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Lithuanian PDR tools that are highly valued by foreign masters


The PDR technology has been created and developed at the same time in the factories of major automotive manufacturers. The PDR method was invented by technicians from General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler AG automotive factories. These car manufacturers invested in the development of car bodywork and the task was carried out by specialists of the quality control department. Numerous attempts to correct the dents soon brought positive results. This technology made it possible to save vast amounts of money. The first teams of PDR technicians emerged in the quality control departments of automotive production. They needed to create the necessary PDR tools for successful work. Initially, these tools were self-produced – technicians created special tools from the existing “tinsmith sets”. Since then, tools have been improved, there have been established several companies producing professional body repair tools.





Paintless dent repair is currently extremely popular and constantly improving. New tools, devices and technologies are being developed that allow removing more and more complex dents. Although the paintless body dent repair technology may appear to be quite simple at first sight, it is necessary to have not only special knowledge, skills but also professional, quality tools to use it. For bodywork dent repair, masters use tools in various shapes, lengths and thicknesses. The quality of the vehicle bodywork repair also depends on the quality of the tools used. By choosing non-quality tools, there is a risk not only of not adequately repairing a bodywork, but even further car damaging, causing the customer's dissatisfaction and providing unforeseen costs for compensating the damage caused to the customer.



Due to high quality, masters highly appreciate the Alligator-PDR tools that are produced here, in Lithuania. These tools have long been used by masters of not only European but also the US, Canada, Africa, Asia countries. The enterprise offers tools for levelling, lifting, pulling the dents, repairing hail-damaged bodywork parts. For the production of these tools stainless steel is used treated with the unique technology developed by the manufacturer, so they are more resilient than other manufacturers' tools. The durability of the tools is also assured by the manufacturer's guarantee, such as a guarantee of a full life for tools of 10-16 mm diameter. Quality control tests show that the technical characteristics of the Alligator-PDR tools are better than conventional. The effective Alligator-PDR tools are ergonomic, due to adjustable handles perfectly fit in the master’s palm. They are particularly reliable and amazingly comfortable as their length, angle and weight can be changed. The various surfaces of the tools will not get blunt even after long and frequent use. For reaching hard-accessible bodywork areas, that are unreachable with the tools of other manufacturers, from a broad spectrum of products, it is possible to choose longer and thinner, unique form Alligator-PDR tools. PDR masters, who do not have suitable tools, are often forced to ream technological holes of the bodywork as the standard tools simply do not fit into them, but having acquired the unique form tools of Alligator-PDR Tools, there will be no need to do so because they usually fit well into the existing technological holes and reach the necessary locations. Moreover, some tools have not one, but a few working planes, others have changeable heads and, if necessary, they can be extended by adding an insert. While working with the Alligator-PDR tools, the master does not only reach the desired results but does not grow tired – the tools are perfectly balanced, so they do not require a lot of physical strength. Alligator-PDR Tools has a solution for almost all problems related to bodywork dent repair.


The PDR technology is often referred to as an artistic levelling, as repairing of the dents and bumps is a real art that cannot be created without the necessary tools. The Alligator-PDR tools could be called pieces of art as well because they feature not only functionality but also a great appearance that raises aesthetic admittance. After investing in quality, efficient and long-lived Alligator-PDR tools, works will be done more efficiently and faster, so tools will soon pay for itself and help earn more.


Considering the needs of consumers, changing forms of cars and materials and technologies used in production, the company is constantly improving its tools, the videos of their overviews are published on social networks, YouTube channel. Alligator-PDR Tools can offer attractive, competitive prices and will gladly help you choose the tool set needed for repairs and provide comprehensive advice.






Kaniūkų 2-oji g. 4, 47154 Kaunas, Lithuania

Tel. + 370 612 59748






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Updated: 2023 11 28 
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