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Moto transport in the hands of reliable masters


Lithuania's roads are not hostile to motorcyclists: in most cases they are smooth, safe and allow you to enjoy both speed and maneuverability. However, as the experience of the masters shows, motorcycles fail, the greatest number of faults entering the service is due to inadequate and untimely maintenance carried out by non-professional hands.



Entrust your two-wheeled friend only to experienced hands

Undoubtedly, for motorcycle repair, it is best to choose an experienced, reputable master. Since Lithuania is reached by a number of used techniques with low-skilled maintenance, almost 80% of the failures entering the service are caused by a lack of qualifications. For these reasons, skilled repairers never run out of orders – this is the first feature to pay attention to. In addition, it is also worth looking at the master's tool collection – quality motorcycle repair tools are not cheap and only the best craftsmen invest in them.


In one of the well-known motorcycle services Eremga, located in Skirmantas street, Kaunas, you can see almost one of the most complete collections of tools. The company's CEO Rimantas Milušauskas said in an interview that he has all the tools he could need for his business. After spending twenty years on the repair of scooters, he turned his attention to a specialized area for a relatively narrow group of consumers: the repair of cylinders and crankshafts. In addition, he also restores vintage monotechnic.


“From the age of 16 I've been doing motorsport and motorcycles,” he says. “At first, it was a lifelong hobby and later it grew into a business. This was influenced by the possibility of purchasing directly from the USA the products of the oldest moto repair tool manufacturer Sunnen.”


By raising its roots from a simple auto repair van that started its activities around 1924, Sunnen has developed a global business that supplies its customers with the highest precision production for almost a hundred years. By combining a stable supply network with leading technologies, Sunnen combines turning, measuring and honing tools into a unified solution complex. Once upon a time starting with the legendary Harley Davidson, the concern supplies its tools to lovers of all models of American motorcycles. These tools are fully adaptable to European realities.


The work would seem straightforward, but...

Repairing motorcycles at first glance does not seem particularly difficult. However, the owner of the workshop admits that almost every day he has to look at the latest technologies. After all, “patients” come to the workshop as diverse as possible. “I've been dealing with motorcycles for 20 years” confesses he honestly, „and almost every day comes something I've never seen before! That is the biggest challenge, after all, all these many motorcycle models need to be repaired and repaired qualitatively. The pistons could be changed, the cylinders - repaired. If only the engine is not completely broken, it will be repaired.”


The fact that every motorcycle manufacturer makes a node as significant as are the cylinders differently, proves that the processing of cylinders has not yet been fully developed and that an ideal method of production has not yet been discovered. Sometimes, in order to achieve a higher engine work quality, masters even produce such cylinders themselves.



The Lithuanian motorcycle market, according to the Eremga CEO, is truly diverse. Even the most popular model would not come out here, because there are a lot of them. So, in order to repair, you should have a large number of spare parts. For example, there are about four hundred species of pistons from different manufacturers alone, and almost every day there is an engine coming to the workshop, the details of which are to be ordered from the manufacturer. "After visiting many exhibitions, we have established friendships with several parts manufacturers in Europe and have been friends with them for 15 years," says R. Milušauskas. "It is familiar to many motorsport fans companies: Meteor from Italy and Barikit from Barcelona. Although the volumes of our orders are small because our market is small, from now on we get the details directly from the manufacturer!" Statistics also bespeak about long-lived friendship with spare parts manufacturers and quality work experience: in 2019, with motorcycle equipped with pistons by Eremga, the motocross champion was one, and this year there are already four.


Order volumes has not decreased

The new COVID-19 virus pandemic has significantly slowed down not only the world economy, but also Lithuania's business. However, Eremga customer flows left the same as they had been before. The masters guess this is due to the fact that the Lithuanian motorcyclists’ market is small and very stable. A master who gains customer confidence and proves that he can safely trust his two-wheeled friend will always have orders.


"It would be too brave to say that we are the best in Lithuania," says the company's CEO. – There are a few other fellow teams who provide similar services and do it well. However, I do know that our masters are the most experienced, and we have the largest collection of repair equipment. With a lot of time, money and efforts invested."





Skirmanto g. 2, Kaunas

Tel. +370 698 30800



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Updated: 2024 02 28 
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